Princes of the Apocalypse

Fire sesh 2
We didn't die this time

We assaulted the fire cult with Andadaz and we didn’t die this time! We talked to some real. Druids first and told them to leave (which they did) then we killed some bad guys, then we walked up to the tower and killed the people there. We then left and talked to the inn keeper in west Bridge who’s place got fucked up by the fire cult last time. He got drunk with us. Then we stopped. We decided its probably prudent to kill the underground water cult next

Cassim Saves the Day Again
Fissure Sesh (June 10th)

Classic Avon, getting caught up in shit for reasons that are still unclear. So we go check out the fissure, and Beastboy and some dude are tied up, prisoners of the wind frat. Beast boy turns into a freaking polar bear (cause of course he can do that now), and our inferior enemies thought the bear ate one of their prisoners. Side by side with our old acquaintance and this new ally, we fought off the frat boys. And by fight off I of course mean killed every single one. Turns out this new guy, Lucias had a vision that wasn’t cryptic as fuck (like is that even a thing?), or maybe his god told him. Anyway he was told to help us because we’ve fallen off the path. Probably because one of the chosen ones decide to defect and start a fucking militia, but that’s neither here nor there. So we follow the wind from the train we missed (meta) deeper into the cave. A fucking 3 hour hike later and we find ourselves outside what looks like some ancient dwarven city or some shit that these guys have decided to make their ultra double secret hideout. Naturally, I tried the front door. The arrow I immediately took to the chest proved that might not be the best route. So we decided to go with tactical bear insertion and gave Avon spiderwalk. He climbs the outside wall with me on top. Then we had everyone else climb over anyway. That’s when things got fun. This dude that shoots lightning (which is in fact not made of fire) was riding a mother fucking teenage dragon. So, hearing the call of leadership, I began trying doors. The first one had more enemies, so that was a no go. The second door had more enemies still. Door number 3, however, was a winner. And with the help of my new sidekick, “totally not a historical figure”, we cleared 9 fucking rooms, while the rest of the gang handled one of the front guard rooms. Amongst the enemies were frat bros and bird people alike. One of the birds growled like a bear! We later determined he was repeating Avon, which made sense given the fact that he had said translated to “Cassim is the greatest”. So at some point we squaded up and took down the lightning dragon rider. Naturally, I was the one to finish off the dragon. Then we grouped up in a room and barricaded ourselves so Travok could cast the LONGEST heal spell ever. With a minute left, enemies had found us and demanded we show ourselves. Due to some quick thinking on my part, I convinced them I needed a minute to get my pants on. So we healed up, then after killing these guys off- Oh yeah and at this point we had found prisoners. They were in one of those first rooms. We liked them because they didn’t attack us. So anyway we’re trying to escort these prisoners out. I try the first room again. In this room, some dude is teaching some peeps to play the flute and they are awful at it. I tell him to let me try, and of course the flute is made of human bone. I wind up killing it (he said so himself) then do a dance to show him my many talents. After this bullshit went on for a bit I finally figured out my brilliant plan to get us out. I told him we were here to escort the prisoners out. He said “aight dude you do you” and we took the prisoners all the way back to Redlarch without any trouble. Our next move? To go back and finish making our way through that dungeon and to hopefully get some answers. Oh and Lucias had heard something about a stone monster in the water. I really wanted to go full wild card and try to release it but my associates decided we shouldn’t ☹

Fire sesh
We Died!!!!!!!!!!!

Before taking on the fire cult, we went to stock up on supplies and prepare. During this time we began to see a growing movement of lawbringers under Maximus’s leadership. We went to the fire cult and WE DIED! But only after figuring out that Cassim understands their fire plane language, and that their leader is named Elizar. He’s so badass that he blows smoke monsters out of his pipe. Then, after death we ended up in the clockwork plane (the plane of mechanis). It’s a plane full of gears everywhere, and we stood on a giant clock moving backwards, with an old man standing in the middle. It was Nargonis (which is still a girls name), and he is the one who brought us back to life. He told us that to break the wheel of fate, we had to find where the clock began. Then he said this is the last time it can happen, and that he had to die to send us back. He was holding a bloody hourglass(?). Upon sending us back (to the daytime before our failed attack), we saw a bunch of flashes of imagery that we could hardly interpret. But this did bring back our memory of Nargonis. Then we told a bunch of different people about it. We found out Travok also speaks the earth talk, so we likely all speak our dreams’ language. We then sought someone out to help interpret our visions and ended up finding a guy named Abraham who was with the Jews. Though his ritual seemed to do nothing, that night we all had another vision. We were at battle with Maximus and his men. The results of which were sobel dying and Travok and Cassim spending some time in jail before being broken free by Halia and the Zentarim as they fought to take the city from Max and his army. At the end of the dream, Travok and Cassim were leaving the city in search of “where Nargonis went”. We decided to take on the air cult from here. We slayed through them as if they were half our level. Along the way, we found a note to their leader which reveals that they had captured one of the waterdeep prisoners from the earth cult, and that they plan to interrogate her. We later made it to the top of their tower where they were looking down into a fissure with their giant telescope. After some expectedly worthless attempts at torture, we killed the last of them, and decided to investigate the fissure, where we hope to find this prisoner as well as some answers as to how to stop the impending apocalypse. Sobel also still has fly active.

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